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The Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Generic orthotics are readily available at your local drugstore or sporting goods store. You may get a little extra arch support and cushioning from these basic versions, but since they aren’t made for your foot in particular, you won’t get much more.

If you have problems like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, or problems with your gait (the way you walk), you’re far better off investing in custom orthotics designed and made by one of Canada’s leading labs for orthotics and dispensed by our qualified chiropractor at Elevated Health Collective.

Our chiropractor prescribes orthotics based on your specific needs. They’re made from a mold or scan of your foot and directly correct the issues you’re experiencing by supplying bio-mechanical assistance.

Additional Advantages:

Improved Foot Alignment: Custom orthotics are meticulously crafted to provide optimal support and alignment for the feet. They effectively address issues like overpronation or supination, ensuring that the foot maintains a natural and healthy position during various movements. This enhanced alignment goes a long way in promoting better overall foot health.

Foot painReduced Foot Pain: In addition to addressing specific concerns like plantar fasciitis, arch pain, and heel pain, custom orthotic insoles, crafted from a mold of your foot, offer personalized cushioning and support to affected areas. By redistributing pressure and alleviating stress on specific points of the foot, these orthotics minimize discomfort and pain, enhancing overall foot comfort based on your unique needs.

Enhanced Shock Absorption: Custom orthotic inserts, especially those recommended by Elevated Health Collective, often incorporate materials with shock-absorbing properties. This feature is particularly beneficial for athletes and those engaged in high-impact activities. By effectively absorbing shock generated during movements such as running or jumping, orthotics reduce strain on the feet and lower limbs. This contributes significantly to preventing fatigue and potential injuries associated with repetitive impact.

Foot injuryPrevention of Injuries: The prescription of custom orthotics plays a crucial role in injury prevention by addressing bio-mechanical issues and providing stability. This proactive approach reduces the risk of injuries like shin splints, stress fractures, and tendonitis, especially during physical activities. Custom orthotics act as a supportive foundation, promoting safer and more efficient movement patterns tailored to your individual requirements.

Increased Comfort and Support in Shoes: Beyond resolving specific foot issues, custom orthotics make everyday footwear more comfortable by supplying additional cushioning and support. This feature proves especially valuable for individuals who spend extended hours on their feet. The added comfort not only reduces fatigue but also contributes to improved overall foot well-being throughout the day, ensuring that your feet are supported in the best possible way.

Extended Shoe Lifespan: Wearing orthotics can contribute to less wear and tear on your shoes. By providing additional support and cushioning, orthotics reduce the impact and pressure on the shoe materials, extending the lifespan of your footwear. This not only saves you money on frequent shoe replacements but also ensures that your shoes continue to provide adequate support for your feet over an extended period.


In conclusion, the benefits of custom orthotics, including improved foot alignment, reduced foot pain, enhanced shock absorption, injury prevention, increased comfort and support in everyday shoes, and extended shoe lifespan, make them a valuable investment in both foot health and overall quality of life. You may observe that custom orthotics not only cater to your foot needs but also contribute to alleviating issues along your kinetic chain. Conditions such as back pain can improve, and knee discomfort may decrease. These positive biomechanical effects result from your feet now providing optimal support.

Instead of selecting an off-the-shelf solution, opting for custom orthotics ensures that your feet receive personalized care.

If you’re interested in discovering how custom orthotics can enhance your comfort while standing, improve your walking efficiency, and promote overall activity, contact us today. You can either call (437-538-4774), email ( us or use our website to schedule an appointment.

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