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Bao Tran

R. Ac, R. TCMP
From childhood dreams of donning a traditional white coat as a doctor to discovering the enchanting world of Chinese Medicine in his grandfather's clinic, Bao's journey is a captivating tale of transformation. The aroma of herbal medicine, the soothing rituals of moxibustion, and the gentle care his grandfather bestowed upon patients using ancient techniques left an indelible mark on Bao's heart.
Embracing this newfound passion, Bao embarked on his holistic journey immediately after high school in Vietnam. He began his education at Le Huu Trac College and later journeyed to Canada, where he honed his skills at Humber College and Ngoc Anh Massage Therapy Spa, delving deep into the realms of Chinese Medicine and Thai Massage. Notably, his altruistic spirit shone during his time as a volunteer at the People with AIDS Foundation (PWA), where he provided solace to patients grappling with the discomfort of HIV medication side effects.
Bao's toolbox is rich and diverse, incorporating Acupuncture, Dry Cupping, Tui-Na, Shiatsu, Moxibustion, and Gua-Sha techniques. Yet, what sets him apart is his gentle and compassionate approach to acupuncture, ensuring his patients' comfort and well-being.
Driven by an unwavering passion to enrich lives, Bao seeks to uncover the root causes of his patients' ailments and foster equilibrium between mind and body. His mission revolves around empowering the body's innate healing potential, resulting in a life marked by reduced pain, diminished stress, and increased vitality.
Fluent in both English and Vietnamese, Bao offers his healing services to cater to a diverse range of individuals seeking the path to holistic well- being.