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Manual Osteopathy

The manual osteopath recognizes that each person and their injury is unique. Therefore, Osteopathy’s strength is in the way in which a patient is assessed from a mechanical, functional and postural manner, and the tailored treatment approach applied to each person.
My treatment focuses primarily on muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and fascia to achieve proper alignment of all joints as well as an equilibrium of all body systems.
I utilize a combination of gentle, hands on manual therapy applications combined with stretching, rehabilitation and lifestyle changes for best results.
As an individual, as well as a Manual Osteopath, I am always open to concerns and suggestions. To me, communication and trust between you and me is just as important as the application of therapeutic techniques. I’d like to picture us as a team, trying to figure out the root problem of your body’s complaints, instead of just letting me passively “fix” your issues.
As the name already states, I see my practice as a collective approach to your health. I’m more than happy to communicate and collaborate with other practitioners you might be seeing. I highly value the work of all other health care professionals and strongly believe that only a collaborative approach to health is a truly holistic approach, covering all angles of being human.
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