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About my approach

In my practice, I combine all my knowledge to encourage and guide the body to self-regulate and function optimally. Easing and ultimately ending pain is a top priority which is why I’ve put so much time and effort into advancing my education, practice and techniques.
As an osteopathic manual practitioner, I use various direct and indirect manual techniques including MOB (mobilization), MET (muscle energy technique), Strain Counterstrain, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation), visceral manipulation, cranial therapy and many more, to address the health of your connective tissue and body systems. The goal is to gently guide the body in its entirety to better health by means of removing restrictions of all its structures.
We, as living human beings, are far too complex for a “one shoe fits all” approach to treatment. You might suffer from the same condition as someone else, but respond totally different to treatment. This is why my approach is patient-centred and your treatment plan individually developed, based off your specific needs. Not only is it my goal to treat your aches and pains, but also to educate you on the mechanics of your body and to make sure that you understand possible patterns of dysfunction and how your body is trying to deal with them.
As an individual, as well as a Manual Osteopath, I am always open to concerns and suggestions. To me, communication and trust between you and me is just as important as the application of therapeutic techniques. I’d like to picture us as a team, trying to figure out the root problem of your body’s complaints, instead of just letting me passively “fix” your issues.
As the name already states, I see my practice as a collective approach to your health. I’m more than happy to communicate and collaborate with other practitioners you might be seeing. I highly value the work of all other health care professionals and strongly believe that only a collaborative approach to health is a truly holistic approach, covering all angles of being human.
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